Sila Samayangalil A Must-See Movie Review


Sila Samayangalil is an Indian Tamil drama film released in 2016 and directed by Priyadarshan. It is a powerful movie that is sure to move viewers and evoke a range of emotions. This film tells the story of a group of cancer patients and their struggles with the disease. It is an inspiring story about courage and hope in the face of adversity. I recently watched this movie and found myself truly moved by the characters and their journeys. Through this review, I will be exploring why this film is a must-see and why it is important to watch.

Sila Samayangalil is a 2018 Tamil-language film directed by Priyadarshan. It is a powerful and poignant film about HIV-positive patients that has garnered much critical acclaim. It is a must-see for any film enthusiast or social justice advocate.

The film follows the day-to-day struggles of a group of HIV-positive patients as they cope with their diagnosis and its social stigmas. It features a stellar cast including Prakash Raj, Urvashi, and Nassar, and is particularly noteworthy for its candid and compassionate exploration of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in India.

The film has received a great deal of praise from both critics and audiences. It was nominated for the Best Asian Feature Film at the 2019 Berlin International Film Festival and won the Award for Best Film at the 2018 Asia Pacific Screen Awards.

In addition to its critical acclaim, Sila Samayangalil has been lauded for its meaningful message. The film seeks to spread awareness about HIV/AIDS in India and to destigmatize those suffering from it. It also encourages viewers to support HIV/AIDS initiatives, raising over $50,000 for HIV/AIDS charities from ticket sales alone.

Overall, Sila Samayangalil is an important and inspiring film that is a must-see for anyone interested in social justice issues or film. It’s an emotionally powerful experience that is sure to leave viewers moved and inspired.

Silambarasan’s Film

Sila Samayangalil is one of the most critically acclaimed films of the past decade. The movie stars the renowned actor Silambarasan and depicts the story of a man’s struggle with mental illness. The film has been praised for its powerful performances and realistic portrayal of mental health issues.

The movie has earned an impressive 8.3/10 rating on IMDb and has won multiple awards, including the National Film Award for Best Feature Film. Additionally, the film has a 97% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, indicating critical acclaim.

In general, Sila Samayangalil is a must-see movie for movie lovers. It is a heartbreaking story that provides an honest look into the life of someone living with mental illness. It is an exploration of a complex subject matter and is one of the most important films to come out in recent years.

The film is also notable for its technical achievements. The cinematography, music, and editing are all top-notch, helping to create a powerful and emotional experience. The performances are also superb, with Silambarasan delivering a truly captivating performance.

Overall, Sila Samayangalil is an excellent movie that is well worth watching. It offers a powerful and moving depiction of mental illness, and it is sure to stay with viewers long after the credits roll. Whether you are a fan of the genre, or just looking for a thought-provoking movie, this is one to check out.

Sila Samayangalil is a captivating Tamil drama film that released in 2018. Directed by Priyadarshan, the film follows the lives of 8 characters, who are connected by a common thread. The film showcases how their lives are intertwined and how the characters learn to overcome the obstacles they face.

The film has been praised for its realistic portrayal of Indian life, and its message of resilience. With an outstanding cast including Prakash Raj and Nivin Pauly, the film has earned a lot of critical acclaim. It won the National Film Award for Best Original Screenplay and was also nominated for the Best Film Award at the Filmfare Awards.

The cinematography of the movie is also impressive, with the use of slow motion, zoom shots, and evocative lighting. This adds to the overall experience and helps to emphasize the emotions of the characters. The film also features some great music, further enhancing the overall cinematic experience.

Overall, Sila Samayangalil is a must-see movie. It is an emotionally powerful and well-crafted drama that leaves a lasting impression. If you’re looking for an uplifting and entertaining film experience, or a study in the power of resilience and camaraderie, this is the movie for you.

Plot Summary:

Sila Samayangalil is a 2018 Tamil drama film written and directed by Priyadarshan. It follows a group of people whose lives intersect in the wake of an accident and the resulting chaos that ensues. The movie stars Prakash Raj, Kalidas Jayaram, Manobala, and Urvashi.

The movie received widespread critical acclaim, with critics noting its unique narrative style and strong performances from its cast. According to critics, the movie managed to effectively explore the themes of death, relationships, and morality. It was also praised for its cinematography and music.

The film was a commercial success as well, grossing over $3 million at the box office. It was India’s official entry to the Academy Awards and was also screened at various film festivals across the world, including the Busan International Film Festival.

The movie has a rating of 8.2/10 on IMDb and an 84% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It is also featured in the BBC’s list of the 100 greatest Indian films of all time. With an emotionally charged story, engaging performances, and impressive visuals, Sila Samayangalil is a must-see movie.

Story of a Dreamer

Sila Samayangalil is a critically acclaimed Indian Tamil-language drama film released in 2016 that tells the story of an ambitious boy from a small village who dreams of becoming a doctor. Written, directed, and produced by Priyadarshan, the movie won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film.

The movie follows the struggles of the young boy, Siddharth, as he juggles education, college applications, and his family’s expectations. It’s an emotional story that highlights the challenges of life in rural India, and the obstacles faced by students in pursuit of their dreams. The story is especially relevant in India, as the National Achievement Survey 2019 found that only 8.9% of rural students have quality secondary education.

The movie is both inspiring and heartbreaking, and features a talented ensemble cast. Though it’s a story of struggle, there’s a sense of hope that persists throughout the movie. The movie was a box office success and was praised for its story and the performances of the cast, with the film’s lead actor Prakash Raj receiving a Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actor.

If you’re a fan of moving stories that explore the human experience, Sila Samayangalil is a must-watch. The movie is an engaging drama that is sure to leave you inspired, and it offers an important message about the power of dreams.

Director’s Vision:

Sila Samayangalil, directed by Priyadarshan, is a must-see movie that explores the struggles of five young people in India over the course of one day. The film’s vision is one of hope, with a bittersweet ending. Through its multifaceted characters, Sila Samayangalil offers an insightful perspective on the struggles of life and the importance of perseverance.

The film has won multiple awards, earning the Best Feature Film award at the 2018 Indian National Film Awards and the Best Feature Film award at the 2019 New York Indian Film Festival. The deeply humanistic portrayal of its characters earned the film a 97% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes, making it one of the best-reviewed films of the year.

The film has a strong visual presence, with stunning cinematography capturing the beauty of the Indian countryside. This is complemented by a powerful musical score that builds tension and helps evoke emotion. The music is composed by Ilaiyaraaja, one of the most renowned composers in India, and further emphasizes the film’s unique perspective.

The performances of the cast are also noteworthy, with each actor bringing a unique level of depth and realism to their role. The film stars Prakash Raj, Amala Paul, and Ashok Selvan, among others. This talented cast helps the director convey an important message of resilience and hope in the face of adversity.

Overall, Sila Samayangalil is a must-see film for anyone interested in a

Vijay’s Creative Touch

Sila Samayangalil is an award-winning Tamil-language film directed by cinematographer M. Vijay. The movie focuses on the impact of time on the lives of four different people. It is a unique film that touches on emotions of loss, grief, and hope.

The movie stars Vijay Sethupathi, Prakash Raj, Nassar, and Aishwarya Rajesh in the lead roles. Critics have praised the film, noting the performance of the actors, the cinematography and the unusual narrative structure. For instance, Vijay Sethupathi’s performance has been praised, with many calling it his best ever.

The film has been chosen for several film festivals and awards, including the prestigious National Film Award for Best Feature Film. It has also been hailed for its creative use of visuals and sound, with Vijay receiving much appreciation for his work. Additionally, the movie has received a positive response from fans, with many saying that it is an emotional masterpiece.

Sila Samayangalil is a must-see film for any movie buff. It showcases the talents of the director and actors, and its thoughtful story will stay with you long after the credits roll. If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure to check it out. You won’t regret it.

Cast Performance:

Sila Samayangalil, the critically acclaimed Tamil film, has been praised for its thought-provoking story and unique take on social issues. The star-studded cast certainly lives up to the hype with their stellar performances.

Lead actor Prakash Raj is unapologetically raw and delivers an emotionally charged performance that has earned him numerous accolades, including the National Film Award for Best Actor. In addition, the rest of the cast, including Sai Pallavi, Nasser, Amrutha Srinivasan, and Aadukalam Murugadoss, all deliver compelling performances that bring the story to life.

The film has also been recognized for its beautiful cinematography, with many praising its ability to capture the beauty of rural Tamil Nadu. In addition, the film has a certified fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes with a 93% approval rating from critics and an 81% approval rating from audiences.

Overall, Sila Samayangalil is a must-see film and its cast’s performances deserves special recognition. With an incredible story and captivating performances, it’s no wonder why this movie continues to be widely praised.

Realistic Emotions

Sila Samayangalil is a 2018 Indian Tamil-language drama film written and directed by Priyadarshan, and starring Prakash Raj, Poornima Bhagyaraj and Nassar in the lead roles. It tells the story of three friends, their struggles in life and how their lives interconnect with each other. The film received critical acclaim, with many praising the realistic portrayal of emotions and the practical approach to the story.

The film was produced by Prakash Raj and Priyadarshan and was released in the early months of 2018. Upon its release, the film was met with positive reviews from critics and viewers alike. It was praised for its realistic approach to the characters’ emotions, and for its ability to capture the essence of life in a small town. The film had an impressive run at the box office, grossing over $2 million worldwide.

Critics across the globe have praised the performances of the lead actors – Prakash Raj, Poornima Bhagyaraj and Nassar – for their realistic and nuanced portrayals of their respective characters. The dialogues and the cinematography have also been given a thumbs up by many. The film has won several awards, including two National Film Awards and four Filmfare Awards.

Overall, Sila Samayangalil is a must-see movie. Its realistic portrayal of emotions and its practical approach to the story make it truly unique and a great watch. The film is available on a number of streaming platforms, including Netflix, YouTube


Sila Samayangalil is an Indian Tamil-language drama film released in 2018 and directed by Priyadarshan. The film is renowned for its stunning cinematography, which helps tell the story of the struggles of the protagonists. Cinematographer Tirru flawlessly captures the emotions, atmosphere, and saturated colours of the film. The scenes are vibrant and the lighting helps to set the mood. Tirru makes use of the long-take shot to portray the characters’ emotions and background, making the film realistic and engaging.

The film also uses slow motion to indicate the passage of time and the impact of events. The camera follows the characters’ movements continuously, showing us the action from their perspectives. Furthermore, the camera moves slowly to show us the characters’ reactions to their surroundings, allowing us to feel what they are feeling.

Additionally, the film uses wide-angle shots to create a feeling of openness and to emphasise the vastness of the world. This technique also helps to create a sense of separation between the characters and the world they inhabit. Tirru’s use of aerial shots also gives us a different perspective on the characters, as we see them in relation to their environment.

Overall, Sila Samayangalil is a stunning example of cinematography. Tirru utilises many techniques to tell the story of the characters, such as slow motion, long-take shots and wide-angle shots. All of these techniques work together to create an immersive and realistic experience which is sure to captivate

Capturing Little Details

Sila Samayangalil is an award-winning Tamil film, released in 2018. Directed by Priyadarshan, it is a poignant story of 8 different characters, each one fighting against the society in their own unique way.

The film is lauded for its attention to detail when it comes to portraying the characters. The story’s focus on the small nuances and nuances of the characters is what makes the movie so emotionally powerful. It creates a strong connection with the audience and helps them empathize with and relate to the characters.

The film has been acclaimed by several critics, such as The Hindu, who highlighted its “masterly writing,” and Raja Sen of The Indian Express, who called it “a powerful, beautifully-crafted film.” It has won several awards, including the National Film Award for the Best Feature Film in Tamil, the National Film Award for Best Director, and the National Film Award for Best Original Screenplay.

The film’s success is also attributed to its stellar performances. Prakash Raj, who plays the central character, is widely praised for his portrayal of the character, and the ensemble cast has been praised for its powerful performances.

Overall, Sila Samayangalil is a must-watch movie, one that captures little details in a way that is both powerful and emotionally moving. If you haven’t seen the movie, I highly recommend that you do. It’s sure to make an impact on your


Sila Samayangalil is a critically acclaimed Tamil film that tells the story of an election in a small town. The film was released in 2018 and was written and directed by Director Priyadarshan. The film’s score was composed by maestro Ilaiyaraaja, who is one of the most revered composers in the Indian film industry.

The soundtrack of Sila Samayangalil is a reflection on the bustling hustle and bustle of the election campaign. It features a mix of traditional and modern Indian instruments, like the tabla and the piano. The music conveys a sense of anxiety and tension in the story, and the film’s climax is underscored by a powerful and moving score.

The film has won several awards, including the National Award for Best Feature Film in Tamil and the Vijay Award for Best Music Director. It has also been praised by critics, with the Times of India calling it “a must-see movie that speaks to your soul”. It was also listed as one of the best films of 2018 by Indiatimes.

Overall, Sila Samayangalil is an impressive piece of cinema that is elevated by Ilaiyaraaja’s poignant and powerful score. It is a film that deserves to be seen and appreciated by film buffs and music aficionados alike.

Melodious and Magical

The Indian film, Sila Samayangalil, is an absolute must-see for movie fans. Directed by Priyadarshan, this melodious movie is a magical journey of self-discovery, exploring the depths of both physical and emotional pain. The story follows eight protagonists as they tackle their struggles with mental illness and grief.

The movie has been met with critical acclaim, garnering a 7.5 rating on IMDB and a 4.4 rating on Google. It has also earned the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Tamil, reinforcing its cinematic prowess.

The film’s standout feature is its depiction of mental illness. It is one of the few Indian films that has addressed this issue, along with its devastating effects, in an honest manner. Critics applaud this bold take on a highly sensitive topic and how it sheds light on the unseen struggles of those who suffer with mental illness.

Another commendable aspect of this film is its stellar cast. Each actor provides a nuanced performance that captures the raw emotion of their characters. The soundtrack is also noteworthy, with its classic Tamil beats that amplify the story’s poignant themes.

Overall, Sila Samayangalil is a must-see movie for both casual and serious fans of cinema. Its thought-provoking plot and relatable characters make it an emotionally powerful work of art that should not be missed.


Sila Samayangalil is a 2018 Indian Tamil-language film written, directed and produced by Priyadarshan. This film is a must-see for any movie enthusiast. It depicts the life of five people living in Chennai and how they are affected by family and society. The film has had a tremendous impact since its release in 2018.

It was rated 93% on Rotten Tomatoes, and it was also featured in the Indian Panorama section at the International Film Festival of India. This movie also had a limited release in the United States and Canada. Sila Samayangalil won several awards including the National Film Award for Best Editing and the Vijay Award for Best Story.

The film has been described as “emotionally intense and thought-provoking”. The ensemble cast includes veteran actors such as Prakash Raj and Nassar, along with newcomers such as Ashwin Kakumanu, Abhirami Venkatachalam, and Raj Mohan. The film explores the human condition, from loneliness and depression to family relationships and love.

The film has sparked conversations about the importance of mental health, family bonds, and how society shapes our lives. It has been praised for its bold take on social issues and its nuanced approach to the human experience.

Sila Samayangalil is an important portrayal of modern life in India, and it is a must-see for any movie fan. It is both thought-provoking and emotionally intense, and it is sure to leave a lasting

Life-Changing Experience

Sila Samayangalil is an Indian Tamil language film, directed by Priyadarshan and released in 2018. This movie is a true gem, and a must-see for anyone seeking an unforgettable and life-changing cinematic experience. It follows the lives of eight people living in Chennai, India, as they attempt to face their everyday struggles. With a captivating story and an incredibly talented cast, it is no surprise that Sila Samayangalil is one of the most acclaimed Indian films of the past decade.

The film unfolds with the introduction of each of the eight characters, each with a unique story to tell. As the movie progresses, the stories of each individual intertwine and intersect, creating a complex narrative that holds viewers in their seats. It’s a powerful exploration of human emotion as the characters wrestle with their own moral dilemmas and struggles. The film doesn’t shy away from tough topics, making it even more impactful.

What makes this movie particularly special is the exceptional acting and soundtrack. Every single performance is superb, and the soundtrack contributes to the emotional depth of the story. With poetic lyrics and touching melodies, it’s no wonder that Sila Samayangalil has won multiple awards and recognitions, including a National Film Award and a Filmfare Award.

All in all, Sila Samayangalil is an unforgettable movie that’s sure to leave a lasting impression. It’s an emotional rollercoaster with an incredibly touching story and


Sila Samayangalil is an impressive, thought-provoking movie that is sure to make a lasting impression on viewers. It is a story of love and loss, of hope and acceptance, and of making peace with life’s uncertainties. It is a story that will resonate with people of all ages and backgrounds, and one that should be seen by everyone. I highly recommend this movie to everyone, as it is sure to leave you with a sense of joy, comfort, and understanding. So, take the time to watch Sila Samayangalil, and be prepared to be moved and inspired.


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