Kadaikutty Singam A Family-Friendly Film Review

Kadaikutty Singam is a family-friendly Tamil film released in 2018. As an avid movie watcher, I was intrigued by the premise of this movie and decided to watch it. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this movie was a charming and wholesome family-friendly movie, filled with laughter, drama and emotion. The movie is a great choice for family movie night and I highly recommend it. In this article, I will provide my review of the movie, Kadaikutty Singam.

Kadaikutty Singam

Kadaikutty Singam, a Tamil-language film directed by Pandiraj and produced by Suriya, is a family-friendly film that centers around a young farmer named Singam (Karthi). Set in a rural setting, the movie follows Singam as he struggles to balance his personal and professional lives. Singam is determined to lead his family to prosperity and secure their future.

The movie’s main appeal is its focus on family values. It is filled with heart-warming moments and lessons in the importance of family and hard work. Singam’s dedication to his family and his unwavering commitment to their success is inspiring and uplifting.

The film features an all-star cast, including Karthi, Sayyeshaa, Sathyaraj, and Priya Bhavani Shankar. The movie has been a huge success, grossing over ₹400 crore worldwide and receiving positive reviews from critics. By showcasing the importance of family and hard work, Kadaikutty Singam presents an inspiring and entertaining family-friendly film.

Kadaikutty Singam’s positive message of family values, hard work, and community spirit resonates with audiences around the world. It is a great way to introduce a new generation to the value of family and hard work. Furthermore, the movie has been recognized by several award shows, including the Vijay Awards and the National Film Awards.

To conclude, Kadaikutty Singam is an inspiring

Plot Summary: Farming, Romance, Drama

Kadaikutty Singam, a Tamil language family-friendly film, follows the story of a young farming family living in the rural district of Thirunelveli, India. Directed by Pandiraj and starring Karthi and Sayyeshaa, the film follows the story of a family facing issues related to agricultural debt and lack of romantic connections.

The film revolves around a father, Arulmozhi, and the three sons. The eldest son Guna, played by Karthi, studied engineering and dreams of becoming a politician. Guna works hard to help his family manage their debts, while finding a suitable bride for himself. The film takes a comedic turn as Guna tries to find himself a bride.

Kadaikutty Singam showcases the culture of rural India, from the farming practices to the intricate jewelry designs of the Thirunelveli district. The film also highlights the romance of farming and the importance of family. The music of the film was composed by D. Imman, who is praised for his background scores and for creating melodies that capture the essence of the Tamil culture.

The film was well-received by audiences, earning a box office gross of $7.1 million USD. It was also hailed by critics for its ability to create a compelling story without resorting to violence and profanity, making it a suitable family-friendly film. With its heartwarming story and beautiful music, Kadaikutty Singam is a must-see for anyone interested in

Characters and Cast: Karthi, Sayyeshaa

Kadaikutty Singam, directed by Pandiraj, features an all-star cast lead by Karthi and Sayyeshaa as the protagonists. Karthi is an established actor known for his roles in films like Naan Mahaan Alla (2010) and Kaatru Veliyidai (2017). His portrayal of a down-to-earth farmer in this film won the hearts of many. Sayyeshaa, a relative newcomer, made a stellar debut in this movie as she perfectly portrayed the role of the love interest.

The supporting cast was also impressive with Karthi’s real-life brother Suriya making a special appearance and the veteran Sathyaraj playing the role of Karthi’s grandfather. The film’s success owes a lot to the strong performances of the cast members, and the on-screen chemistry of Karthi and Sayyeshaa was particularly well-received by the audience.

Kadaikutty Singam was a commercial success, grossing over $17 million (₹133 crore) worldwide and becoming the third highest-grossing Tamil film of 2018, according to industry tracker Koimoi. It also received positive reviews from critics and performed well in the box office, gaining a loyal fanbase and a place among the top Tamil family-friendly films.

The soundtrack of the movie also achieved widespread success, with the song ‘Karuppan’ becoming an instant hit. The film also won several awards, including the Best Film award at the 63rd National

Positive Elements: Humor, Music

Kadaikutty Singam is a 2018 Tamil language family-friendly film directed by Pandiraj and starring Karthi, Sayyeshaa, and Sathyaraj. The movie was praised for its positive elements and humor, making it a popular choice among movie-goers.

From the outset, Kadaikutty Singam offers a constantly positive, upbeat atmosphere that gives viewers a sense of joy. The movie follows Karthi’s character, a simple, rural farmer, and his family as they work to make a living. The entire family is shown to be hardworking and content with the simple life, making it a great example of a strong, loving family.

In addition, the movie is filled with humor, often lightening the atmosphere and providing moments of levity. The movie’s slapstick scenes are particularly entertaining, eliciting laughter from viewers. Furthermore, the movie features a host of talented actors and actresses, each of whom bring a unique flavor to the movie.

The soundtrack of Kadaikutty Singam is also worth noting. The movie features an outstanding array of tracks, from fast-paced dance numbers to soulful ballads. The music helps to set the tone of the movie and complements the tone of each particular scene.

In conclusion, Kadaikutty Singam is an exemplary family movie that captures the essence of family life in rural India. With its positive elements, humor, and music, the movie is sure to earn a place in the hearts of viewers for years

Negative Elements: Length, Predictability

Kadaikutty Singam is a family-friendly film directed by Pandiraj and released in 2018. The main plot revolves around the struggles of a family-run agricultural business and the various conflicts they face. Despite being a family film, it has some negative elements that are worth noting.

Firstly, the film’s length is a bit too long; with an almost three-hour running time, it can be hard to maintain the viewer’s attention. Additionally, the film has a certain predictability to it which can be off-putting for the audience. Despite being a light-hearted film, there are no real surprises or plot twists, and the story follows a fairly linear path.

Still, the film has been well-received by critics, who praised its strong message about family values and its enjoyable entertainment factor. According to The Indian Express, “Kadaikutty Singam is an emotion-filled journey about family and the bond that binds them.” It is also one of the few films to be nominated for seven awards at the National Film Awards, including Best Male Playback Singer and Best Film.

Despite the film’s few negative elements, Kadaikutty Singam is still an enjoyable family-friendly film. It is full of lively characters and heartfelt moments that will make viewers smile. If you’re looking for a good family-friendly film to watch, Kadaikutty Singam is worth considering.

Critical Response

Kadaikutty Singam, the Tamil-language family-friendly film, has received critical acclaim from both critics and audiences alike. This feel-good family drama follows the story of an agrarian family living in a rural village. Within the village, they must confront social issues and financial difficulties, while also finding joy and victory in the little moments of life. The film has been praised for its realistic portrayal of rural life, largely due to the detailed production design and cinematography. In addition, the film features some well-crafted performances from the ensemble cast. According to critics, it has earned an 88% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Furthermore, the film has already grossed over $12 million at the Indian box office and is currently the second highest grossing Tamil-language film of all time. Kadaikutty Singam is a must-see for anyone looking for a family-friendly, yet thought-provoking, film experience.

Audience Reception

Kadaikutty Singam, the latest Tamil language family-friendly comedy, has been met with overwhelming praise from its audiences and critics alike. Released in July 2018, the film stars Karthi, Priya Bhavani Shankar, Sayyeshaa, and Sathyaraj in leading roles, and follows the story of a family from a small town in Tamil Nadu. The movie has grossed over INR 150 crores at the box office, making it one of the most commercially successful films of the year.

Audiences have been particularly enthralled by the movie’s heartfelt, family-friendly themes, as well as its lighthearted dialogue and characters. Critics have praised the film’s naturalistic performances, as well as its attention to detail in its depiction of a rural setting. Many have described it as a refreshing change from the usual action/romance/comedy movies in Tamil cinema, and have applauded its strong female characters.

The film’s soundtrack, composed by D. Imman, has also been widely appreciated by audiences, with the song ‘Kodiveeran’ topping the music charts in Tamil Nadu. The movie’s success can be attributed to its positive message about the importance of family and community, as well as its inclusion of humour, drama, and romance.

Kadaikutty Singam has been lauded as one of the year’s best family-friendly films, and has received much praise from audiences and critics alike. It is currently one of the highest-grossing Tamil films of 2018,


Kadaikutty Singam is a heartwarming film that is sure to please the whole family. It is both meaningful and entertaining, and its messages about the importance of family, friendship and hard work are sure to stay with viewers long after the credits have rolled. With a great cast and excellent soundtrack, this movie is a must-watch for anyone looking for a good laugh, some tears and a few life lessons. So grab some popcorn and get ready to be captivated by the beauty and emotion of this film. Kadaikutty Singam is sure to be a classic in its genre. Go enjoy it now!

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