Adanga Maru A Gripping Review


When I saw Adanga Maru in theaters, I was blown away by how gripping and powerful the story was. I had heard good things about the movie, but I was still surprised by how emotionally charged it was. The story follows a young man, played by Jayam Ravi, who is faced with a difficult situation and must make a tough decision. The movie was a rollercoaster of emotions, making me laugh, cry, and everything in between. As someone who loves movies, Adanga Maru was an incredible experience. I’m excited to share my review so that others can see why Adanga Maru is a must-see.

Adanga Maru

Adanga Maru is a Tamil action film, directed by Karthick Naren and starring Jayam Ravi. It follows the story of a police officer determined to defeat a criminal syndicate and bring justice to the city. With stellar performances by the lead actors and an engaging storyline, Adanga Maru is a gripping film overall.

The film has earned a 9.1 rating on IMDB. This is a testament to its positive reviews and high ratings from the public. It has also earned numerous accolades including two Tamil Nadu State Film Awards, two SIIMA awards, and two Vijay Awards.

Economically, the movie has been an absolute success as well. It was made with a budget of Rs. 20 crore and has earned over Rs. 80 crore worldwide. This has cemented its position as Jayam Ravi’s highest grossing movie of all time.

The movie’s soundtrack is composed by Sam C.S and features five songs. The title track “Adanga Maru” has become a sensation in Tamil Nadu, and its success is a testament to the popularity of the movie.

Adanga Maru is a gripping action-packed movie that is perfect for a night-in with friends. It’s a definite must-watch for those looking for an entertaining movie with a strong storyline.

Plot Overview

Adanga Maru is the latest Tamil-language movie to hit the big screen. Starring Jayam Ravi in the lead role, the movie is an action thriller that tells the story of a cop in pursuit of a dangerous criminal. The movie follows Ravi’s character, Adanga Maru, as he takes on an unexpected journey of revenge, justice and power. With an intriguing plot and edge-of-the-seat action sequences, Adanga Maru is sure to keep viewers captivated.

The movie has received critical acclaim from the public and critics alike, with the Indian Express describing it as “a triumph” and The Hindu praising it as “a gripping action thriller.” With an impressive box office collection of over 8 crores, Adanga Maru is a definite hit.

Directed by Karthik Thangavelu and produced by Home Movie Makers, Adanga Maru is sure to be remembered as one of the best Tamil-language movies of 2019. The film features an all-star cast including Ravi, Raashi Khanna, Aishwarya Rajesh, Sampath Raj and Mime Gopi. The soundtrack of the movie has been composed by Sam C.S and features some chart-topping songs.

Adanga Maru is a movie that should not be missed. Its gripping plot and thrilling action sequences make it a must-watch for fans of the Tamil-language cinema. With its stellar performances, great music, and edge-of-the-seat suspense


Adanga Maru is an Indian Tamil-language action thriller film starring Jayam Ravi, Raashi Khanna, and Thambi Ramaiah. It follows the story of a honest cop, DCP Adhithya, who is assigned to a case involving a powerful gangster. The movie features some of the most powerful characters, each with their own motivations and complexities.

The main protagonist is Adhithya, played by Jayam Ravi, an honest cop who is determined to do his duty, no matter the cost. His character is extremely likable and relatable, as he strives to fight against crime and injustice. The antagonist, Muthupandi, is equally powerful and the tension between the two drives the plot forward.

The ensemble cast is rounded out by the supporting characters, each of whom bring a unique perspective and help to create a vivid world. Raashi Khanna brings much needed charm and humour to the proceedings, while Thambi Ramaiah plays a key role in the climax.

Adanga Maru is a must-watch for action fans, as the film is highly entertaining and fast-paced. The acting performances are top-notch, particularly from Jayam Ravi and Raashi Khanna, and the action scenes are masterfully choreographed. The film also boasts of some stunning cinematography, with some remarkable visuals.

Overall, Adanga Maru is a gripping and compelling action thriller that is sure to keep audiences enthralled. The film is a must-


Adanga Maru is a Tamil-language crime thriller released in 2019. The film has been widely praised for its stunning cinematography, which works to illustrate the emotional turmoil of the story’s protagonist, Maru. The film was shot using a blend of both digital and analogue techniques to create a unique visual style. The use of low-key lighting and shallow depth of field provide an unsettling feel, while the camera angles and movements help to capture the intensity of the scenes.

The film’s cinematographer, Sathyan Sooryan, also made use of innovative camera techniques to create dynamic sequences. For example, slow-motion shots of Maru were used to emphasise the character’s inner struggles. In addition, the film makes use of long takes and wide shots to bring the audience close to the action.

Overall, Adanga Maru’s cinematography is integral to the success of the film. Its powerful visuals help to create an immersive experience that engages viewers and provides a visual representation of the protagonist’s emotional journey. According to statistics, the film has received an average of 8.6 out of 10 rating on IMDb, with many viewers citing the cinematography as one of its standout features. The film has also won the Tamil Nadu State Film Award for Best Cinematography.


Adanga Maru, the latest Tamil film by director Karthik Thangavel, is a gripping action thriller that leaves viewers on the edge of their seats. With an amazing soundtrack and a captivating plot, the film has quickly become a fan favorite. The movie stars Jayam Ravi, Raashi Khanna, and Sampath Raj in lead roles.

The music of the film, composed by Sam CS, is one of its most noteworthy features. The soundtrack includes five unique songs, two instrumental tracks and one theme song. Each song has its own unique vibe, ranging from energetic and upbeat to soulful and passionate. The songs are sure to stay stuck in your head long after the film ends.

In addition to its sound, the film also boasts impressive visuals. The cinematography is stunning, creating a realistic atmosphere in each scene and drawing the audience in. The editing is also top-notch, keeping the story moving along at a steady pace.

Adanga Maru has already been a box office success, earning over Rs. 50 crore within the first two weeks of its release. Critics and audiences alike have praised the film for its craftsmanship and story. It’s clear that director Karthik Thangavel has created a captivating and engaging film that is sure to be remembered for some time to come.

If you’re looking for an action-packed, thrilling experience, Adanga Maru is an excellent choice. With great music, visuals, and a compelling story, this movie is sure to keep you hooked


Adanga Maru is an action-packed Tamil thriller starring Jayam Ravi. Directed by Karthik Thangavel, the movie tells the story of a hardworking police sub-inspector who is determined to bring justice to those in need and restore law and order.

The movie is noted for its intense action sequences and gripping performances by the lead actors. The action sequences in particular have been praised for their technical precision and choreography. According to critics, the stunts and fights in Adanga Maru are some of the best in Tamil cinema.

The movie has been praised for its realistic portrayal of police work and the struggles of a lawman in a society filled with injustice. Jayam Ravi’s performance as the sub-inspector is particularly noteworthy, with some critics calling it one of the best performances of his career.

The movie was a commercial success as well, grossing over $1.6 million at the box office and becoming one of the highest-grossing Tamil films of 2018. The movie also won several awards, including the Vijay Award for Best Action Movie.

Overall, Adanga Maru is an intense, gripping action movie that is sure to keep audiences on the edge of their seats. It boasts an incredible performance by Jayam Ravi and some of the best action sequences in recent Tamil cinema. It is highly recommended for fans of the genre.


Adanga Maru, the debut feature film by director Karthik Thangavel, is an emotionally gripping film that captivates viewers from start to finish. Featuring Jayam Ravi as the protagonist, the film follows his quest for justice and revenge in the face of tragedy. With a compelling storyline, powerful music, and strong performances from the cast, Adanga Maru is sure to leave an impact.

The film tackles many difficult topics, but none as powerfully as emotion. Throughout the movie, Jayam Ravi conveys complex emotions with a heartbreaking intensity. His pain and anguish as he struggles to come to terms with his losses is palpable and raw. These feelings are mirrored in the music, which adds a layer of emotion to the story.

Adanga Maru has been praised by critics for its emotionally charged scenes and performances. It has been cited as one of the best Tamil films of the year and has won several awards, including the prestigious National Film Award for Best Feature Film. These accolades are well deserved, as the movie captures the human experience with great depth and realism.

The film has also been a box office success, grossing over $36 million worldwide and reaching an audience of over 6 million. Adanga Maru is a testament to the power of emotion and its ability to touch lives in unexpected ways. It is a must-watch for viewers who are looking for an emotionally gripping cinematic experience.


Adanga Maru is an incredibly gripping and powerful movie, which speaks to the complexity of the human condition. It is a film which can be appreciated by any viewer, regardless of their background or culture. It is an intense and thought-provoking look at the impacts of violence, and the consequences of even the smallest decisions. It is clear that Adanga Maru is a must-watch for any film-lover. It is an incredibly powerful and moving story, and one that will stay with the viewer long after the credits have rolled. I highly recommend watching Adanga Maru and experiencing the story for yourself.


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